Monday, November 1, 2010

Clark visits, Oct/Nov 2010

Hi, everybody!

I'm Clark, the traveling kid from Mr. Burleigh's first grade class in Winter Park, Florida. I arrived at the Smith's house to visit Arkansas and the Ozark Mountains about a week ago.  Kim, the Smith mom, is letting me use her blog to share about what I'm seeing and learning.

I'll write about fall in the Ozarks soon, but first, I want to share about this weekend... we got to travel about 300 miles north to Kansas City, Missouri!  The Dove family let us play and stay in their house, and we also got to drive downtown to visit the historic part of Kansas City.  Pictures below!

On the day we drove downtown, we stopped at the Plaza area for lunch.  Here I am with some of the kids (we had seven kids on this trip, counting me!):

This is (L to R) Adrey, Gracie and me, Quinton (in the back) and Eshen.  They're great friends!

Here's three amazing old buildings I liked near the Plaza in Kansas City.  They remind me of castles!

Our favorite part of Kansas City was Union Station.  It used to be (and still is) one of the busiest train stations in the United States!  Not as many people travel by train these days, so they use the extra space for museums, theaters, special events, and restaurants. 

On the way inside, we spotted a giant dinosaur!  There were big dinosaurs in several places inside Union Station- they have a dinosaur exhibit there right now.  Some of them even moved and roared!  (I'm in the stroller in the first picture.  See how big that dinosaur was??)

This is me in the main lobby of the station, which has been restored to look just like it did when it was opened in 1915.  The ceiling in this room is 95 feet high-- about 9 stories! 

Inside the station is a special kids' science center called Science City.  We spent a LOT of time looking at the exhibits in there.  It was amazing!  Here I am checking out a real helicopter there:

And here's a magnetic sign in the classroom area where my friends helped me spell my name.  (There was no R, so we had to get creative with a P and an upside-down V.)

 I really liked Kansas City-- and especially Union Station and Science City.  We learned a lot and had fun, too!

More later... It's fall in the Ozarks, and there are beautiful trees everywhere!

I miss you all, but I'm having a great time traveling.