Saturday, January 5, 2013

LINK: Best and worst of Arkansas, 2012.

Ah, Arkansas.  What a year you've had.

(And who's gonna road trip with me to experience that BBQ in Marianna?)


Friday, January 4, 2013

Warning: Quitting Facebook may lead to new posts on your dead blogs.

Hmm.  Here's a Fuzzy's Find for ya:  I'm finding that if I stay off that black hole of time website, I actually want to communicate with the world a bit.  I make phone calls to friends, and I think of things I could write online.  Amazing.  That alone is a good reason to keep my account deactivated.

I just ordered some specific materials for a brave project:  I am going to wipe gel stain all over our nasty 1980's oak vanity and try to turn it into a sleek lovely modern espresso masterpiece.

Here's my inspiration (Found via Pinterest in that mysterious way that I can never reproduce... how did I come across this page?  NO IDEA, I was just in that Clicking Pinterest Fog and this emerged from the mist.)  After a phone search revealed that my little town does not offer the necessary General Finishes Java Gel Stain, I was about to pluck down the bucks on Amazon as the page above recommends. 

But then I remembered!  I'm cheap and never quite satisfied unless I know I got a steal!  And while this is already a cheapskate's dream remodeling project,  I found a way to make it even less expensive.  I share this today, before the purchase has even arrived in the mail, because I think everyone should be made aware of this:

Stuff On Amazon Can Often Be Had Cheaper Elsewhere.  Not always, and especially not if you have Prime, but sometimes, it pays to do a little hunting.  In this case, hunting led me to notice the name of the Amazon seller with the best prices (see that little "sold by Woodcraft" off to the right?).  A search led me to, which saved me about $6 over the Amazon cost (including shipping).  Great sleuthing, right?

Oh, but that is not the end for the truly cheap and patient shopper.  Another search, this one for "code," led me to that joyous prize, a FREE SHIPPING CODE WITH NO MINIMUM PURCHASE.  And suddenly my cost went down another eight dollars.  Fourteen dollars saved with just a few minutes' googling!

Time to tape off that vanity and scrub it out.  When that stuff arrives, things are going to start changing in that nasty 1980's bathroom... and I've saved almost enough to buy that curved shower curtain I think the vintage tub is calling for.  It's about sick of the glass shower doors...


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wow.  It's been a long, long time since I've shared any finds here.

That may be changing, as I just inactivated my Facebook account to see if it will help me better my life in 2013.

However, you'll find an awful lot of my "finds" from the past year or so at my Pinterest account, if you feel a need to see a bit of what I've found fascinating lately.