Saturday, November 21, 2009

Essential Oil gifts

Happy Saturday Morning!  Long time no post! 

Gardener's Supply is one of my favorite catalogs... mostly for their gardening products, but their gifts and home products are beautiful and well-chosen as well.  I noticed that this season they suddenly have a huge array of aromatherapy products that would make lovely gifts and stocking stuffers.  Maybe this is catching on elsewhere in the world as well!

Here's a link that will show them all to you.  My favorites are the ones I could use (or give) with my own collection of oils, as I like to have much more information about the source and quality of EOs than they're offering on the oils they sell.  (Also, all their oils are priced identically... that's a bad sign, as they may have been diluted/messed with to make them match in costs/profits; as most of you know, there's a huge difference in the cost of different types of the pure oils.)

I'm eyeing that Monet Diffuser, but I'm not sure I could bring that into my house and let it leave as a gift!  That little terracotta owl is precious, too-- as is this chickadee that's on clearance.  And I know that Lanette abandoned her plan to buy the other diffusers (after hearing from Hannah and Darla that theirs hadn't lasted) and bought a Spa Mister instead, and is very happy with it.  (Although you can buy that spa mister cheaper here, with free shipping.)  And I'm totally enjoying my car diffuser, which turns my cigarette lighter into a therapeutic device!

Looks like code XNET8305 will get you 15% of a $50 order at Gardeners Supply right now. 

Are you giving any oil-related gifts this year?  Please share your ideas!

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