Sunday, November 22, 2009

How to feel incredibly proud of yourself in November.

Forgive me.  I must brag a bit.

Steps to my happiness:

1.  Last month I bought a KHOZ Bids for Bargains certificate for a $190 room @ Basin Park for $90.
2.  KHOZ then lost my certificate (ie sold it to someone else) and instead gives me a Crescent Hotel gift card for $250.  (The Crescent is also in Eureka and owned by the same people.)
3.  I did some hunting online and noticed that Basin Park has a $199 deal for weekdays in November that includes all manner of extras, including the "best room available."
4.  I called and sweetalked Basin Park into accepting my Crescent gift card for their weekday deal.  Then I secured the honeymoon suite for a Sunday night and talked the husband into cancelling his Monday appointments (not necessarily in that order).
5.  While I was at it, I bought a $25 gift certificate for $3 via for dinner Sunday night.  (Um, if you do this, go for the DeVitos rather than the Pied Piper trashy biker grill.  Yeah, slight fumble there on my part.)
6.  I made an overworked husband very, very happy.  And tonight and tomorrow I get to:
Hang out with my husband in a beautiful stone-walled sitting room overlooking our wedding spot in Basin Park.  (Oh, and a jacuzzi tub.  And a huge bed.  But you don't need to know any more about THAT.)
Get a massage.
Visit my most beloved Mud Street for breakfast, and finally get to go through the Eureka historical museum at my own (snail's) pace tomorrow.
Eat lunch on the balcony.
Blow your $50 certificate in any of several art galleries.
And go home with $40 still left on that gift card.

This may just be my ultimate score EVER.


fivecoat November 23, 2009 at 5:29 AM  

Wow, thanks for those links, Kim. I will be checking these out!
I hope you're having fun. I'm so jealous. Love Mud Street.

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