Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little oil joys.

1) I've had general grunge on my snow-white refrigerator for some time. My daughter slaps on a sticker and leaves behind a residue that collects dust and defies my cleaners and microfiber clothes; the handle develops a faint beige cast as dirt sinks into its somewhat porous surface (smart, designers-- make the HANDLE out of a texture that collects dirt). Solution? 3 drops of lemon oil on a little scrap of paper towel. Took a little steady rubbing, but man. It sparkles now.

2) Tonight: headache flickering at the edges of my vision from a busy day shopping and traveling; I need to work on the computer for a bit. Ibuprofen STAT? Not anymore! Peppermint on each temple, and a bit wiped under the nose. Headache faded away within half an hour or so.

3) Tempestuous bedtime toddler. Drop of lavender massaged into soles of her feet; within twenty minutes, she's sleeping. Can't prove it's related, but it was surprising to have her give up the struggle so quickly.

4) That all-purpose cleaner I mentioned the other day? REALLY WORKS.

I am so enjoying learning about these oils and their amazing abilities. Based on the successes I've had thus far, I've decided to invest a little more heavily. I ordered over a dozen new ones from Aromatics International this week. The day they arrive is going to feel like Christmas.


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