Friday, September 18, 2009

Eucalyptus dives- chest/sinus congestion

I wanted to post this before I forgot that it happened.  (I find that happening a lot-- I sense a little issue, apply something, the issue goes away completely, and I forget all about it or to post it!)

I noticed last night that both Gracie and I had a little bit of a cough.  I had some tightness and wheezing in my chest as well-- a sign for me that I'm getting pretty congested in my lungs.  Neither of us felt badly, though, apart from that (yet).

Before her bedtime, I pulled out the Eucalyptus dives (also known as Peppermint Eucalyptus- probably because of the minty smell).  I'd bought this because it is safer for children and skin use than other types of eucalyptus, and because of this description on the provider's website:

This is a very unique Eucalyptus oil that I love having in my collection of essential oils. It is especially good for reducing thick mucus, great for that cold or flu that you just can't get rid of and the congestion that is driving you crazy! You can steam with it, or put it into a chest rub, cream or oil. It has a lovely aroma, is great to use with kids and adults, and is deeply effective.

Also great for getting rid of headaches when combined with Frankincense.

I diluted a drop in about 3 drops of jojoba oil for Gracie, and rubbed it into her chest, with a little swipe on her chin to increase inhalation.  (She told me she did NOT like the smell, but went to bed without further complaint.)  I put her to bed, and a few hours later, used a drop across my own chest and a few sniffs from my hands.

About five minutes later, all-- and I mean ALL-- the congestion drained out of my sinuses, down the back of my throat.  It was almost like a trap door had opened and sucked it all away.  I woke up this morning without a trace of the cough or the lung congestion-- and Gracie hasn't coughed either.

I can't believe that I have access to a substance that, with one drop, can drain my sinuses in five minutes and stop a chest cold dead in its tracks.  Unreal!

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