Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stomach upset.

(I can't believe I am posting about this particular issue on the internet.  But in the interest of education and to hopefully help the rest of you... here I go.)

The simple formula I've used twice this weekend is Valerie Worwood's formula for diarrhea caused by a virus.  It's on page 31 of The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.  Her school of aromatherapy recommends that you dilute this blend in one teaspoon of carrier oil (jojoba, almond, olive, and the like) and massage in; I just dropped the oils into my palm and massaged them onto my stomach.  Both times, I've felt tremendously better within about fifteen minutes and for at least eight hours afterwards.

I'll go ahead and list the other two formulas as well so that you can match the cause of your troubles to an appropriate blend.

Viral diarrhea:

Thyme  3 drops
Lavender  2 drops
Tea tree 1 drop

Internal:  1 drop of eucalyptus, diluted in 1 cup of water and a teaspoon of honey.
(I think I'd recommend trying a "thieves" type blend on the feet or a drop internally as an alternative as well.  Trying this tonight!)

Nervous diarrhea:
Chamomile  1 drop
Eucalyptus  2 drops
Lavender  3 drops

Internal:  1 drop of peppermint, diluted in 1c water and 1t honey.

Food-related diarrhea:

Chamomile  2 drops
Peppermint  3 drops
Eucalyptus  1 drop

Internal:  1 drop of peppermint, diluted in 1c water and 1t honey.

Worwood's book is basically an encyclopedia of recipes like these.  The first two chapters list hundreds of blends that can be made to treat all kinds of conditions... just with a basic library of twelve single oils.  I can share those two chapters with anyone who'd like to have them; I've found it a great way to get started.

Somebody hit "reply all" to this via email and verify that we can make a comment that way.  Thanks!!

ps- I just got a phone call, and if you all could, please pray for my family tonight:  my parents were hosting a couple this weekend (Rose and Mike), and Mike's best friend came down today from Branson to play golf with my dad and Mike.  Afterwards, he had a heart attack and died-- in my mom's kitchen.  My sister did CPR on him until the EMTs arrived, but they couldn't save him.  I can't begin to imagine what everyone over there is going through tonight.  Please pray for wisdom and words for Aaron and I as well, so that we can minister to them through the next few days.  Thanks so much.

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