Monday, September 21, 2009

order: rosehip seed and hazelnut oil

(I posted this as a comment on Hannah's earlier post about these oils, but it doesn't seem to be coming into my inbox, so I'm going to post it as its own separate post.  My apologies if it turns up twice!)

Hey everybody! I'm about to order myself some rosehip and hazelnut carrier oils to try Hannah and Darla's moisturizer recipe... but I'm going to order 8oz bottles, which is WAY more than I need. Anybody want to split the two bottles with me? 4 oz of each would be about $12, plus a little for shipping. (You can get jojoba at Nature's Wonders. I already have that.)

If three people want in, we can get 16oz bottles and it'll be a little cheaper.  I'll also be getting carrot seed oil if you want to split that.

I'll probably order late tonight, so speak up if you're in!  Comment here or shoot me an email, or call 870.414.1014 (my cell).


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